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Arizona National Trail-Passage 4 Scouting Trip (April 8, 2016)

Temporal Gulch section.

After checking out Patagonia, I headed up Highway 82 and missed the trailhead near town… so I proceeded on northward.

From the guidebook, page 69:  The Greaterville Mining District, which the AZT enters shortly after exiting the wilderness, drew hundreds of Mexican and U.S. prospectors after gold was discovered here in 1874.  Interpretive signs describe the extensive water-diversion project that took water uphill from Gardner Canyon into Boston Gulch for high-pressure hydraulic mining.  As is the nature of boom-and-bust operations, the mine failed soon after it started.

Even if I had found the turnoff, it is mostly a 4 wheel drive road and I most likely would have had to turn around after a short distance.  I went on to Gardner Canyon Trailhead, which is actually the end of Passage 5, but the only photos I have after Patagonia.


The road was pretty good.  Weather was threatening and it was late in the day, so I looked around, drove on down the road a little farther and found a place to camp for the night.  There were signs at the Gardner Canyon Trailhead saying No Overnight Parking or Camping.  The next morning I hiked a way up the trail toward Kentucky Camp, but weather was threatening and there was thunder.


Unfortunately, I wrote this blog post once but lost it somehow and even lost some of my better photos of the water works in the area.  I can’t understand this.  And there were some good photos.



The stone work supported the large iron pipes that carried the water through this area.


It’s a beautiful area that I look forward to see more of on the thru hike.  I love the old trees on the ridge, but being on a ridge with thunder in the background doesn’t have great appeal to me.


Met this character on the way back to the van.


A pair of lost prescription classes sat on a rock by the signs.  Water had also been cached there.  I don’t understand why overnight parking was not allowed.


They say that when cattle lay down like this, it is going to storm.


On the way back out to highway, a large wonderful hawk was perched in a tree.


Enjoyed the big bird and the big Sycamore tree heading back to the highway.  That trunk is larger than my whole van.  The horse, rider and cattle on the hill are iron sculptures.  Wonderful.

Had low tires so drove back to Sonoita to have them checked and get a few groceries.  Also low on gas.

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  1. Hi there Swankie, Gardner Canyon? Are you down just north of Sonoita? Beautiful photos. Sorry to hear you lost some. Pretty area down there.


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