Monday, April 8, 2013

North to Alaska–postponed til August

Feb. 2014, I began paid training in Phoenix, AZ for a job in Alaska as a tour bus drive, but I had to drop out of the training program as a driver/guide because of vision issues.  Read the rest of the story on the Alaska Goal tab.

I gave up my jewelry-making time in Quartzsite to take advantage of this opportunity. Only made ONE ring this winter.  I never thought about doing such a thing, but grew up watching Sargent Preston of the Yukon, and dreaming about the wonders of Alaska. I walked in to the big tent in Quartzsite and saw the booth for the Alaska Magazine, and since that was the next state I wanted to kayak (#49), I walked up and began chatting.  They saw my excitement about kayaking Alaska and sent me over to talk to the gal at the a booth hiring driver/guides and other staff for an Alaskan based company.

So, in spite of the odds, the financial bind I was in, etc., I give it my all only to discover these eyes aren't up to "company standards."  To make a long story short, after two months of struggling to fit all the pieces together, and sensing the writing on the wall, I withdrew myself from the program.

I am still going to Alaska, just not for a job. Thank you all for any assistance you gave and be sure to let me know if you wish to have a refund. I'm thinking now, that I will drive to Seattle to see my family and then fly to Anchorage, kayak, visit a sister, and fly back, hopefully on a military standby flight. 

I am gathering a small income through my art work and my Amazon store, but not enough to make a longer trip possible.  The important thing, I think, it to stick to my goal/dream to kayak Alaska this year.  If we give up our dream, we die.  Giving up the tour bus driver job was difficult enough, I can't give up my whole dream.

Newest art project will be a set of note cards with southwest flora and fauna, after I complete previously commissioned art work.  Found a coyote skull yesterday, and that might have to be ONE of the new sketches.

If you plan to order anything through and you will tell me what you are looking for, I'll add it to my store, and send you the link to your item.  If you purchase it through my link, I will earn a few pennies from your purchase.  It's another way that will help me and it won't cost you anything more than what you were going to pay anyway.  I'm going to fix this Blog so my store will have a tab at the top and show up right here on the Blog... but for now, go to .

By the way, if you have trouble commenting here, please email me and let me know. .  Used to get lots of comments, but not too many since I changed the settings to eliminate a lot spam I was getting.  I seem to have succeeded in getting rid of the spam, but am still not getting comments.  If you have any idea why, please tell me.

Thank you all and now sing along with me.... North To Alaska.... la la la.... 

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