Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why am I loosing followers??? (update)

I have been using Windows LiveWriter for years now, but suddenly I can not upload from that program to Blogger.  A group of Microsoft guys got together and created Open Live Writer to fix the problems.  It is an open source program.  I just downloaded and install it and this will be my first test of the program.
I am thinking the problem of loosing followers has something to do with LiveWriter no longer working with Blogger.  So, we shall see what happens.  A week ago I have 203 followers, then it dropped to 175 a couple days ago and today it is 168.  I don’t like that trend.  So the following is a test post really, just to see what happens.
Check it out if you have trouble with Windows LiveWriter.
Began the new year by climbing Q Mountain with 13 other people.  We began this last year.  If feels like a great way to begin a new year.
I have been unable to post for a few weeks now and suddenly, I go from 203 followers, to 175 followers yesterday to 168 followers today (1/28/2016).  Does anyone know why?
I have been busy in Quartzsite Arizona with a gathering of vandwellers, held in January each year, and this was the largest gathering yet, probably over 200 people easy.  Too big a crowd for me.
Also a major rewiring of my van house power system, upgrading from two house batteries to three just had to happen.
From this old system…
… to this.  Going from 130watt of solar and 220amp hours of battery power, to 290 watts of solar and 345 amp hours of battery power.  I had to give up my passenger seat to make room.
I have done all the work myself.
It is also the time when there are many rock vendors in town and so much to see and do.
Review of 2015 – I have been working on this post but have been overwhelmed by all that I did last year.  So many photos.  I work on it awhile, get frustrated, and set it aside again.
Upgrading Onboard Power System
Plans for 2016 – still include hiking the Arizona Trail, but have postponed it until fall to train and get equipment needed.
I promise you all I have not died.  I hope no one else drops out of following me.  There are still adventures to be had.
Thank you.
It doesn’t get any better than this, until tomorrow.  (SwankieWheels)

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