Sunday, June 20, 2010


June 20, 2010

I left Monterey CA yesterday after having breakfast with my friend, Betsy, at Sweet Elena’s.  Anyone visiting Monterey, CA should try and find this place.  Really great food, especially the pastries.

leaving_monterery_ 005 leaving_monterery_ 006

Then I drove to Camping World between Gilroy and San Martin, CA.  There I found the map I’ve been looking for… that I will mount on plexiglass and then put on the inside of one side door.  There are little state stickers that I will put on the map for each state I kayak.  I was tired from not sleeping well my last night in Monterey, so I spend the rest of the day in the Camping World lot… and even slept through most of the night.

I am writing this from San Luis Recreation Area/Reservoir where I stopped to replace the fuse for my trailer lights (again) but am unable to find my wiring/fuse kit I so carefully put together.  It is not in the space I allotted for it… so I’m going to drive on in to Los Banos Ca and try to find fuses.  There I also hope to catch up with Betsy’s granddaughter, Deanna, who is in the area training horses.  She is a budding young horse whisperer just starting up her own business, Natural Horsemanship.  I’ve known her since she was a baby, and in fact knew her mother Elle when she was only 6 years old.  Hope to take Deanna to dinner when she is done with the horses.  Then find a quiet place for another night’s sleep…. quietly.

Last thing I did in Monterey was to track down my favorite motley geese.  A Canadian Goose crossed with a white domestic goose and they had five gosslings.  I’ve been watching them grow and they are now as large as their parents.  Below is a picture of the five, the domestic goose parent is in the upper right corner.  Four of the babies are off white in color and the fifth looks like a washed out faded Canadian Goose.  They are much tamer then Canadian geese… their domestic parent’s genes are coming through.  Wonder if they will fly off when the Canadian geese do???

leaving_monterery_ 018

O.K. I’m on the road again in search of a grandson.

leaving_monterery_ 001  DSCF2003

Darling Zoey seeing her baby brother, Will, for the first time.  O.K. it’s my turn.

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