Friday, October 30, 2015

Quartzsite, AZ 2015

I approached Quartzsite, AZ from the East this time, on Interstate 10.
There are two exits only, Exit 19 on East side of town, and Exit 17 on west side of town.  There are about 2 miles apart.
You come off I-10 onto Riggles Rd, turning right, then get in left lane to turn left onto Main Street.
Last year the Beall's store closed and remains empty.  If you turn right there, you will be on Plymouth St. which goes to the Police Station, Library and P.O. Annex.
The General Store is still open.
The Roadrunner Market just opened up again.
Main intersection of town, Main Street and Highway 95 (goes south to Yuma or north to Parker).
On the west end of town is where many of the little stores are, and the new Chamber of Commerce will also be located there.
Pulled into the Main Event place to see if Beth was around but didn’t see her car so I left.  She was there, darn it.
Coming out of the Main Event you can see the other fast food place, and I’m having a senior moment and can’t think of the name.
Heading back East again you can see McDonalds, and the Flying J and some other business all clustered in there.
Directly across the street from McDonalds and Flying J is Hardies Beads and Jewelry store and the brown/tan store front will be the new Chamber of Commerce location (parking in the back of Hardies).
Near them on the north side of street is this store.
Coming back to the main intersection and turning south the first street past the stop light you go back behind the LA Mesa RV lot to find the large QIA building, where the Pow Wow is held as well as exercise classes and dances and all kinds of other events.  It’s really the “community center” of the town, in season.
Block west of QIA is the Gem and Mineral Club where I usually LIVE during the winter, but I feel my life going in a different direction.
Back out on Main Street and turning East/right again, is the Main Street Eatery and Laundromat and showers.  Another community center of sorts.  Also have free wifi.

Posted in Facebook Quartzsite Chatter this morning (11/3/15): 
The bakery has new owners.
The Eatery got a facelift, still great place to eat.
The Cruise In held 2nd and 4th Saturdays has relocated to the VFW. Which they moved in to this spring. Formerly Palo Verde Cafe.
The LaCasa Restaurant purchased, new rock shop.
The Yacht Club Restaurant purchased, new rock shop.
New vendors, Asian menus, seafood menus
Main Event is rising out of the ashes to resume activity that has been absent from their location far too long.
And Great news, Quartzsite Chamber and Tourism office just opened located across from McDonalds. All levels of membership, everyone needs to visit and support this endeavor to keep Quartzsite Rocking!!!

There is a lot more to the town, but this is my quick 5Cent tour, having just arrived back here after being gone six months.
Oh the Yacht Club is closed.  Has been sold and will become another rock shop.  Like Q needed another rock dealer.  This will be interesting to watch.
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WEEKS 15 and 16–Back Home Again in Quartzsite, AZ (Oct. 18-30, 2015)

Somehow, Quartzsite, AZ just doesn’t feel like home to me this year, but I am settling in.  I may be looking for new adventures after this winter.  Dealing will dusty old rocks may not be in my best interest health-wise. Time will tell.


Pulled into a free two-week camping area and got a permit.  Most of my time this winter, and it will be a short season for me, will be spent on private lands.  I will have no pubic camp this year and will have to visit with people in their camps or meet them in town.


But for right now, I found a tree to call home…


… and went walking in just my flip-flops and shower wrap-a-round, cause there ain’t nobody out here.


Just wide open spaces and the ol’ SwankieWheels rig.


Just got busy enjoying the sunsets, sunrises, the ol’ tree and desert plants.


Off-loaded the kayak and got it covered up with a tarp.  Set up a place for water jugs, and that’s about it for me.  Not setting up my canopy or tents this year.


OK, back to the sunrises and sunsets.  Busy busy person.


Learned Freedom America (Amanda) was at the library so went by to welcome her.


How will I loose any weight… dug out the solar oven to make sure it still works.


Set about trying to learn how to replace a headlamp in the van… Chevy in Payson, AZ wanted to charge me $75.  I’m sorry, but I actually laughed in the man’s face.  Drove across the road, bought a $10 bulb and it took me about 15 minutes to put it in… and I had never done that before on a Chevy van.  Had to reward myself for saving $65.  Ha ha.


Like I said, keeping it simple this winter… my shower, out the rear door of van.


Friends are beginning to arrive, Lou Brochetti arrived with his expanded Vardo… had to add on to the back, back 1/3 is all new, so he had room for his new freezer, and the rest of the room back there is for his musical instruments and equipment.  Had to put a whole new frame under the vardo to support the additional weight and more solar on top to support the big freezer.  (Oh I wasn’t suppose to tell about the freezer, as too many people might want to put Ice Cream in it.)


And more sunsets, here with some rain falling through.


I finally got some of my notecard sets put together to ship out and they look fine.

Quartzsite hasn’t changed… for more click here.

Next week exercise classes, dances, and other activities start up.  I plan to exercise daily and go climb Q-Mountain.  After a week or so acclimating, I will add my backpack to the climb up and down Q-Mountain.  I will resume giving fitness reports then.

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