Monday, June 21, 2010

Redding, CA

A fairly uneventful day.  I stayed in Los Banos, CA last night… and drove up I-5 to Redding, CA today.  I stopped before dark at the Win-River Casino because I was beginning to have shoulder and neck spasms.  Guess I’m pushing my shoulder surgery recovery a little too much.

redding_ca_ 006

These California hills remind me of the sand dunes in Southern California.  I like having the trailer in the rear mirror.  Yesterday I stopped at the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area.  Looks like this would be good paddling.  The exhibit was a little boring except for this one…  an old-timey van-dweller?

redding_ca_ 007 redding_ca_ 008

I-5 is rather boring to me.. but am happy to finally be heading north again.  And when you begin approaching Redding, suddenly snow-capped mountains appear on the horizon… and I was thrilled with that.

redding_ca_ 001

I pulled off the highway and crossed a river and went down to a picnic/boating area.  Thought I’d walk along the river, and stretch my legs but it seemed to be a local redneck hangout, blaring loud music and even making passes at me, probably old enough to be their mother.  So, not a relaxing place for me and I drove on.redding_ca_ 003 redding_ca_ 004 

Tomorrow I’m going to check local Redding CA stores, a framing store in particular, to see if I can find the Plexiglas for my US map and stickers.

I and a bit sore from the driving… the shoulder/arm, that is.  Guess I’m working the muscles a bit too much to fast, but I got to go kiss a baby.

It was 90 degrees in Redding today and suppose to be 95 tomorrow… so I’m heading up the mountains as soon as I can.  Plan to stop and see Shasta Caverns… which I always just drive past.  It is located on the McCloud Arm, northeast from Holiday Harbor marina on the east side of the arm. Houseboats stake up to the shore line, small boats and other watercraft may park on the provided courtesy dock. Tickets may be purchased from the small gift store located along the shoreline. Tickets may also be purchased over the phone by using your credit card.  Cost is $22.00 which includes a boat, bus and guided tour of the caverns.


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