Saturday, February 23, 2013

My MOM would have been 90 years old today.

Happy Birthday Mom
She passed away when she was only 57, never getting to meet or know my three grandchildren, or see me get healthy again, so much she has missed.  It's a sad thing.  But she also never wanted to get old... and most certainly would not have reached 90 years of age gracefully.  RIP Mom.
On to happier things.  This is the tour bus I'm training on.  Today I drove it four miles, learning basic turning, backing, etc.

I'll get one of these little buses when I successfully complete my training.  It will, of course, go to Will and Zoey.
Is this a cool idea or what, the windows are the White Board for the training sessions.

There are two of the buses here in Phoenix for the training.

Meet Sandy, my trainer.  Very interesting lady.

White board on the driver's side of the bus. 

Sandy, setting up my next obstacle course. 
I had to zig and zag a 40' bus between those cones which were set for 41'. 
Only killed a couple of cones.

Over across the fence under the tree are a couple of those big jackrabbits. 
We also saw a hawk circling overhead hoping for a bit of lunch I guess.
And there is ol' SwankieWheels behind another set of swankie wheels.
Today (2/23/2013) I drove it 4 miles.

North to Alaska... (sing along with me..)

Way up north, (North To Alaska.)
Way up north, (North To Alaska.)
North to Alaska,
They're goin' North, the rush is on.
North to Alaska,
They're goin' North, the rush is on.

And I'm taking my husband's ashes with me, so he can kayak my 49th state with me, and then I will scatter them around the town where he was born, on a waterway near the town.  The circle will be complete.

Who is Swankie?

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In 2006, I was shopping for a wheelchair. By 2007, I had new knees, better health and by 2008 a kayak. In Aug 2013, I kayaked my 49th state, Alaska, at the Holgate Glacier and in May 2014, I kayaked Hawaii, my 50th state, to celebrate my 70th Birthday and the finale to the wonderful adventure of Kayaking America? Next up... Solo Hiking the Arizona Trail, 820 miles? Maybe. Still healing from shoulder and trying to decide.