Saturday, January 26, 2013

Images and Memories of 2012


Thought you might enjoy some of my favorite photos and memories.


Rainbow Trout (2,500 of them) being released into Meadow Lake, CO(where I Campground Hosted summer 2012).


The biggest lily pad I ever saw.  Vandweller/Member here… Joey told me the name of it the other day, but I have forgotten.


The Biggest Catfish(or is that FATfish?)  I ever saw, though I understand they get much much bigger than this.


Some of the most beautiful wildflowers I’ve ever seen.


I got over my fear of alligators this year.  They are much much more afraid of us. Seriously folks, nothing to fear here.


After three years of stuff just falling all over the place, I built shelves in my trailer this winter.

0111121414 (2)

Made my first trip to Mexico and found it amazing how clean the plaza was and was amazed at the decorated trash cans.


Photo by fellow rock club sawyer, Gary Fahrnback… we paddled the Bill Williams Wildlife Area together.



IMGA0056 (2)

The quilt and the purple had were my Christmas gifts from my Florida sister (I got sisters everywhere – AK, CA, SD, MN).


Strange tree formations.


Eire sunsets.


This fellow drove up, asked if I wanted some fish, went back to his freezer and brought enough for two people for two meals.  He fishes all over the country and fast freezers the fish to give away.


Boy was that good.


Gamble Quail walking through camp.


Good ol’ SwankieWheels holding up well.


My favorite vandweller and my favorite dog. 
It was cold and Tori was staying warm.


Fisherman on the Gulf caught this little guy in his net,
I released it and hope it was o.k.  It swam away.


The best part of RTR 2012 was running in to Peg, who had hired me to do five sketches for her when I needed money the most.  She was my first customer.  I had to drive back across town and grab my notebook to bring back and show everyone.  What a treat. She is a very special lady.



I camped with vandweller Liz for a time, and her pup… Boo Boo really took a shine to my kayak.  He got up there by himself.  Boo Boo at the helm.


Very strange cloud formation.


I invented a solar water heater.  A plastic water jug, spray painted black will heat water to 140 degrees.  You can have a delightful sponge bath with that ONE gallon of water.


You never know what surprises you will get when walking alone in the desert. This guy nearly landed on me.



The Sun Oven easily gets to 350 degrees F, and bakes the best bread and cakes.  Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think they taste better.


Got to meet Good Luck Ducks… what a treat.  And I had not noticed that mural before… at Carl Jr’s in Quartzsite.  Pretty cool.


Had some amazing paddles and completed kayaking the lower 48 states (and I couldn’t walk in 2004!)  tee hee


More goodies from the Sun Oven… brownies with pecans.



Out hiking with friend Pete from the Rock Club, he caught this Horney Toad.. neat guy to rock hound with… but darn if he didn’t sell his red truck, now we can rock hound on a motorcycle.


The solar over and solar shower hard at work.


Learning about rocks, becoming a Foreman in the Lapidary shop and a sawyer in the Saw Shop were the highlights of a great year.  It’s why I came to Quartzsite and I plan to return every winter.

Learning to use the Solar Oven was also a real bonus… you don’t have to suffer to live out of your van.  It was a great year.


It doesn’t get any better than this, until 2013.  I expect as much or more from the New Year.  Thanks for riding along with me.  Please comment below… so I know people are still alive and tagging along.  But DON”T live vicariously through me, get up out of that chair and LIVE your life.


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