Tuesday, June 22, 2010

California to Oregon

I’m in Medford, OR tonight.  Today was less “UN” eventful than yesterday.  Decided against visiting the Shasta Caverns.  They are just a short way out of Redding and by the time I got on the road I didn’t want to stop again so soon.  Decided that there are lots of things I’d like to see in this area and AFTER I complete my 50-state kayaking adventure, I’ll return here to see these things:

Shasta Caverns, and Shasta Lake

Mount Shasta

Castle Crags

Travel on Historic Rt. 99

Visit the Railroad Park

I think I’ll store my trailer in Redding… and then make loops around. I’d also like to see Crater Lake but didn’t want to make a 150 mile detour to do so this week and sight-seeing just isn’t a lot of fun with a trailer in tow. My son Chris and his wife Jenelle hiked through there on the Pacific Crest Trail before they were married.  Besides, I’m too eager to see granddaughter, Zoey and her baby brother, Will in Wenatchee, WA (children of Chris and Jenelle).

This afternoon, my sister phoned and left a frustrating-sounding message hollering at me to pick up the phone.  I think it was in the car and I was not.  She had chemo today and was complaining how bad she felt.  She feels so alone… and with me in CA/OR/WA… and her in FL, I’m not much help.  So, I suddenly got the urge to do something in support of her and hopefully cheer her up.  I then spent the next couple hours trying to find someone to help me carry out my plan.


ca_or_haircut_ 011

Yreka, CA

Finally, I found someone. Her name is Cassie Amdur-Willis at Total Image in Yreka CA.  Told her I needed a sympathetic hair cut in support of my sister’s battle against cancer. 

leaving_monterery_ 002

Me (before)

ca_monterey_ 046

My sister (before)

ca_or_haircut_ 014

My sister (after)

ca_or_haircut_ 007

Me (after)

WELL, I guess we look like sisters, now!

ca_or_haircut_ 009

Me (after) and Cassie  (Thanks Cassie for working me into your busy schedule.)

My sister is very sad about loosing her long silvery locks… and thinks she looks awful without hair.  So, now she isn’t alone.  I love my sister… better nobody ever doubt that.

On The Road Again - Dinner

If you haven’t lost your appetite from the above photos, I’ll tell you about dinner next. I have a nice dinner planned tonight.  Roasted corn on the cob in my RoadPro stove… the stove cooks, I drive.  What a partnership!

ca_or_haircut_ 006

My RoadPro Oven and corn, butter and foil…

ca_or_haircut_ 005 

Shuck the corn…

ca_or_haircut_ 004

Slather it with butter…

ca_or_haircut_ 003

Wrap it up, add a little water to the RoadPro Stove… and drive.

…and just ate that.  Very tasty.

Next I’ll finish a Cobb Salad I got for dinner last night… enough for two meals. 

Tomorrow, pushing on toward Portland, OR hoping to see a friend there.  May detour over to the coast and see another friend and take a horseback ride on the beach… something I’ve always wanted to do.  Will have to wear sunscreen on my head and a hat to boot. 

This weekend I’m planning on catching up with my granddaughter Tori in Westport, WA… where she is performing in a Pirate Festival.


My son, Richard, his daughter, Tori, and Rich’s wife Rhonda.  Rhonda’s photos.  Tori graduated high school this month and is heading off to college.

Are we having fun yet?

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