Monday, July 20, 2009

Forks, WA to Port Angeles, WA

The sun came out.  Boy, how I love blue sky and sunshine.  Coming in to the Forks from the south on 101, you will see a Thriftway store on the left. 

forks_to_port_angeles_ 031

It is a combination Grocery Store/Outfitter/and Ace Hardware.  It’s like the old fashioned country store… and has the widest selection of stuff you can imagine.  I got a big deli sandwich that I can make into two meals.


forks_to_port_angeles_ 029 forks_to_port_angeles_ 030

They also have a Transit Center and Restop by the Olympic National Park & Forest Information Center.  There is ample parking in the back and no signs posted about limits.  On the other end of town is a Railroad Park… and last year I spend a night there and was only disturbed by some rowdy teens who eventually went away.

Last night I parked at that Thriftway store and used the Wi-Fi from the Dew Drop Inn across the street.  I could still not get Verizon Air Card to work.  When I was ready to turn in for the night, I drove around town a little and decided to park across the street from the Post Office.  This is off the main drag about one block and was very quiet.  Day time parking is limited to 1 hour between 8am and 6pm… so figured no one would bother with me until 9am.    I returned to use the Dew Drop Inn Wi-Fi before heading on northward on Rt. 101.

forks_to_port_angeles_ 022

I had never driven into Port Angeles on this road and was delightfully surprised by Lake Crescent.  Strikingly beautiful.  Wonderfully fragrant, flowers, new mowed grass??? I don’t know what it was, but it was a divine smell.  I saw people laying around on one of the boat docks, just talking. I drove by Lake Crescent Lodge where I noted there were kayaks along the shore.  This area of Washington is amazingly quiet and peaceful and I can’t get over the fresh air.  The photos say it all… so I’ll just post them.  I’ve got to come back here again.

forks_to_port_angeles_ 021 forks_to_port_angeles_ 020 forks_to_port_angeles_ 018

forks_to_port_angeles_ 017forks_to_port_angeles_ 016 forks_to_port_angeles_ 014

forks_to_port_angeles_ 013 forks_to_port_angeles_ 012 forks_to_port_angeles_ 011

Kayaks for rent at Lake Crescent Lodge

forks_to_port_angeles_ 010

Lake Crescent Lodge

forks_to_port_angeles_ 009

I drove on into Port Angeles, and found Gary’s house.  We did some errands and got tickets for the ferry ride to Victoria tomorrow.  This tree trunk with masks mounted on it was outside the Victoria Ferry Office.  Very interesting.

forks_to_port_angeles_ 008 forks_to_port_angeles_ 007

forks_to_port_angeles_ 006

I believe my air card has died so I’m borrowing Gary’s to post my blog.  I’ll have to get a replacement on the way to Bremerton when I leave here.  Now it’s time to rest, clean VanHouse, straighten things up, and did I say rest?  Gary is off “playing” landlord.

forks_to_port_angeles_ 003 forks_to_port_angeles_ 002 forks_to_port_angeles_ 001

Gary’s van, kayak (with bed on top) and bike/trike.  Says, “it’s furnished.” Our vans now look like kissin’ cousins.  His is the window van.

forks_to_port_angeles_ 005

VanGearloose meets VanSwankieWheels. 

Enjoy the photos.  Won’t be posting again for a couple days.

Oh, unless you are into Vampires and Twilight Zone fads… the best thing I found in the Forks was the Thriftway Store complex.  IMHO.

forks_to_port_angeles_ 032

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