Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bittersweet day… leaving Quartzsite.


Sorted the last of my rocks and buried those I will leave behind to work on next year. Selected a few specimens to carry along.  While doing that I noticed a ground squirrel approaching.  Too funny… it could smell the bread I was baking…while finishing up in camp… I had set up the Sun Oven to bake some Irish Soda Bread. 


Odd thing that… instead of buying bread while I was in town, I decided to bake my own.  I just tossed out a loaf I bought which had gone bad! Hate that.  So, I just decided right then and there not to BUY any more bread.


Hum, doesn’t look like food but it sure smells good!


I know, I’ll push it home and let the kids help me
figure out what it is!


No? I’ll just get up here and get
some of it… whatever it is!


This I know… it’s hot and slippery!


Working hard here…need a drink!! 
(She is sipping the moisture that is dripping out off the gas lid.)


OK, human!  Let’s talk.  I got a family to feed!!

Oh oh, here comes one mad ninja momma squirrel so I decided I’d better feed that squirrel before she climbs into the 300 degree F oven and I have roasted squirrel for dinner too.


Then I finished spit-polishing SwankieWheels so not to embarrass any relatives when I show up at their gated community in Vegas.  But I just like to do that… start off the trip with my vehicle looking good.  Gonna buy some touchup paint for all those rock chips, and some buffing stuff for the Arizona pin-stripping.

Suddenly, I hear all kinds of critter sounds… and look up to see a gathering happening.  Wow… Rabbit, Quail, and Squirrel… all together at the same time and place.



Finishing up on the last wheel… I noticed the squirrel was still around trying to get into the oven.  It was a female and I could see she had been feeding babies.  No wonder she is grabbing all the food in sight.  But then I spotted a rabbit near her and next in comes a covey of Quail. I tip-toed around the van and got my camera… I can’t believe all these creatures came at the same time… to bid me adieu. I guess???  What a fitting farewell.  I’ve camped at this spot maybe seven weeks off and on and knew all these creatures were here but this was the first and only time I’ve seen them all at the same time. Very special.


Quartzsite, I’ll be back!  (What’s wrong with those people who say there is nothing to do here and go off in a huff???)  Bittersweet?  Because I’m excited to be back on the road again.

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In 2006, I was shopping for a wheelchair. By 2007, I had new knees, better health and by 2008 a kayak. In Aug 2013, I kayaked my 49th state, Alaska, at the Holgate Glacier and in May 2014, I kayaked Hawaii, my 50th state, to celebrate my 70th Birthday and the finale to the wonderful adventure of Kayaking America? Next up... Solo Hiking the Arizona Trail, 820 miles? Maybe. Still healing from shoulder and trying to decide.