Monday, July 2, 2012

Two reasons to stay in the wilderness…


And to think, I choose those things rather than the wonderful large rainbow trout in my refrigerator.

Independence Day Week - July 2, 2012


Colorado State Flower – Columbine.

A mid-week July 4 holiday and I don't know WHEN people may come to my camp.  Will they come before the 4th, or after the 4th? Maybe they won't come... due to all the wildfires and the current Stage 2 fire ban which means they can't have a campfire.  What's camping with no campfire or burnt marshmallows?

Finally, my golf cart arrived and here it is piled high with garbage.  I haul that much a couple times a day.

I have hauled my trailer full of genealogy and Civil War photos out of the forest and back to town.  Will be putting it in storage for the duration of the summer job.  I can't risk loosing all this work and everything I own.  All that remains is camp is a few projects, my kayak and my van and camping gear.  If I have to "bug out" I believe I can get it all in or on the van.

Our maintenance person, Ken, comes up once a week to try to keep the wilderness at bay.

I am making a cover for the kayak to protect it from the sun and it will then remain on top of my van unless I take it down to paddle.  If there should be a fire, hopefully I will have time to take down the First Up Canopy and my tent and get it all tossed into the van.  If I don't have time, it won't be too great a loss.

A camper (Orville, a pastor from Springfield, Ohio)… taught me how to fish/cast.

It's beautiful up here, but I fear the dust from the roads may get the best of me.  Much dustier and buggier than I expected.  Other than that, beautiful.  For the most part the campers have all been lovely people.

This doe had a fawn nearby and was keeping a sharp eye on me… this is right below my campsite.

Best part, I'm working very hard and loosing lots of weight.


I love my new fishing pole, I love my old chair… I love my new body.  It doesn’t get any better than this, until tomorrow.

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