Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Seasons Greetings to One and All

Alone in the desert, I have been baking goodies with the Sun Oven.  Today I set out in search for the elusive vandwellers camped out West of me about 20 miles… to share with them this Christmas Day.


Painting by Debbie Jenkins.

If you really aren’t in the holiday mood, Lou Travels began a Facebook group called Humbuggers United… just for silliness and fun.

Being alone when you are lonely(a feeling new to me).. is a bummer, but sometimes you get a wonderful treat and this one… is the BEST Christmas gift I could have gotten this year… a video of ALL of my descendants together (a first).

Try this link for skydiving video of all my flying babies.


Photo by Rhonda Bailey

Uncle Richard, holding his niece Zoey and nephew Will.  The big one in grey is my son, the small one in green is my grandson 3 and the little one in blue is granddaughter Zoey 5.


Photo by Rhonda Bailey

Zoey’s daddy (my oldest son) is watching proudly behind the glass at her right foot.


Photo by Rhonda Bailey

Will’s parents are on other side of glass, behind Will’s right arm.


Santa was so excited when Zoey told him she was going to pretend to be on of his reindeer while she was flying… so he just had to fly for her.  If you watched the video, you saw he almost lost his drawers here.   See the tall gal on the right behind the glass, that’s my oldest granddaughter, Tori Bailey.

The season also reminds us of times gone by… so I reflect.


Our upstairs neighbors (like brothers) Rickie and Danny Higgins, from McKim Street, Indianapolis, IN, year about 1949?

DSCF0033 (2)

My one and only grandson, Will from Wenatchee, WA, abt 2011?

And many more sweet memories… see slide show.

Happy New Year and have a Fantastic 2014.

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