Saturday, October 1, 2011

South Dakota Stranded Status (Oct. 1, 2011)

Well, if that don’t beat all… about the time I’m getting a bit of a handle on this darned situation, I realize my AAA coverage expired in Aug. 2011… I been out on the road with no road coverage.  Geez.  O.K. now I’ll ask for help… it’s about $100.00 or at least that was what it was in TX.  I’m going to check here in Brookings SD on Monday and see what it costs.

I might have a job here for a jewelry doing Photoshop work.  I will know about that at noon Sunday (Oct. 2, 2011).  It won’t be much, but right now every $ helps. 

I made up a flyer regarding seeking work… but don’t have the ink to print it.  A cartridge is $10… for black and I’m going to risk buying it though I only had $30 in the bank last time I checked.  Flyer below:


Retiree Kayaking America
NOW Stranded in SD

Due to an emergency root canal, I have run out of gasoline funds and am now stranded here in SD. I am trying to raise funds to continue my trip to Arizona. Not seeking donations, just work. I have many skills:

Ø 25 years of administrative/clerical work

Ø Advanced experience with Photoshop and Photo Restoration

Ø I am a portrait artist

Ø I paint walls (just did a stairway in Iowa)

Ø Professional Genealogist for DAR

Ø Professional Webmaster

Willing to accept any honest job and will work by the hour but probably better for you if I work by the task/job. Not as fast as I used to be, but I am very good. Will barter for parking place and electric hookup.

Email me at:

See samples of my artwork at:

End of Flyer.

I also plan to go to VFW and see if they can help a Navy widow with a parking spot with electric.  That way I can plug in my small heater at night and sleep better.  Maybe even get a shower in the deal? I will offer to do some work in exchange.

My mail package has returned from OH and is waiting down the road for me… but I don’t have the gas to get there yet.  She will send it up here (from Madison SD to Brookings SD) to Gen. Delivery if I want her to and pay for the cost, since it was her error.  My friend in OH had to pay to ship it back, and the Madison mail service who screwed this up in the first place is sending her a check for her postage.  I will need the package soon as my meds are in it.

I have faith that things will work out… but if anyone can help me with the AAA insurance, I’ll pay it back over the winter, or pay it forward as you please.   I am grateful and thank you in advance.

Like Brenda, I am getting a lot of flack for choosing this lifestyle without a huge nest egg… but just know, I had one before I rushed to be with my sister in FL who had cancer and was doing chemo… with a 13-yr. old son giving her fits.  By the time I left there (five months last winter) I was very low on funds… unfortunately, due to the emergency root canal I had to have the day after the Sept. payday… my funds could not get me through to Oct. payday.  So, please, I don’t need any more flack… I’m still hurting from the root canal (no root, no pain, RIGHTTTTTT!!!!) and my face and body(?) are all puffy from it???

Can anyone think of anything else I can try?

Thanks, friends.

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