Friday, September 4, 2009

4th State Paddle - Oregon travel, continued (Sept. 1-4, 2009)

On the way north, I had an opportunity to experiment with my new RoadPro 12v stove. Here, I heated up some soup I made from ham bones, carrots, and cabbage. Boy, it's nice to have good hot food when you have been driving a lot.

September 1, 2009, I stopped in Portland, OR to have dinner with Vandweller friend, Suzanne. We had a great visit and I feel I've found another friend for life. Yahhhh! We were going to have a paddle just west of Portland, but weather didn't cooperate. After our visit, I headed north again. Stopped in Sweet Home, OR and got a new metal detector (one that will find gold). I can't wait to begin using it and hope that in my lifetime, it will pay for itself. I'd hope for more, but that might be unrealistic.

 Charlene and Suzanne

SwankieWheels took Spankie for a ride on the beach.

I ran from the Rock back to this spot in the first photo. I ran! You just don't know how incredible that is. Really incredible.
Found a little known park... Les Shirley Park, and did three hours of beachcombing/metal detecting, had a hot meal in my van from my RoadPro Stove... found safe parking... where I spent the night. One day I'll return here to ride horses on the beach... they go right past this little park. Staying in the area a little longer.

My vanmonkey, Spankie, just had to misbehave.

Close-up of the tidal pools around the Haystack Rock. Covered with starfish and other sea life.


Driving north, I stopped over at Camp Rilea Military Reservation. There were a couple places along the way where I thought I could drive on the beach, and found them and did that. I did unhook the trailer and leave it in a parking lot. There in the lot was a couple with an RV that they wrecked the transmission on because they had gotten stuck out on that same beach. But it's something I always wanted to do, so I took the chance.
I met this character who was coming off the beach as I was going on and stopped to ask him if it was safe to drive out there. He followed me back out there and we chatted... I told him what I was doing - kayaking all 50-states. He also said he had always wanted to try metal detecting. Later that evening, or the next morning, I emailed him to offer him the old detector if he would met me on my way north. September 4, 2009, I met Dave Roche on the beach at the Peter Iredale shipwreck. Neato (the shipwreck). He is an amateur videographer and asked if he could interview me about my adventure for u-tube video. He did and I'll add the links later. I gave him the old metal detector and headed on to Aberdeen, WA.
Photo by Dave Roche.

Stayed at Camp Rilea the night of September 3, 2009. A large elk herd walked right past my van.

Astoria, OR, across the river from WA.

Later that day, I crossed into Washington state from OR. Headed north to kiss a baby. Can't wait.

Spankie, supervising the crossing of the Columbia River into Washington State.

This bridge about scared it out of me. Took my breath away.

I spend the rainy days in Aberdeen making new curtains for my van. I had a shiny material that showed up in the sun. It was green. I replaced it with a black/or dark blue? bedspread fabric that was white on the other side. The while would reflect more light in the back of the van, making it easier to see things at night. But the black isn't as noticeable from the outside looking in.
Found Wal-Mart's in Aberdeen. Saw a woman climbing up on top of an RV... I stopped to see if she needed help. She said they had leaks... and Wal-Mart sold her this stuff to paint on the roof. I noticed inside the RV a large man who appeared to be in a wheelchair and a bunch of kids. I felt sorry for them. She declined my help. I heard others in the parking lot complaining of leaks. I was thankful to be dry and warm in my cozy van.

Four states down, 46 to go. Washington is next.
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