Monday, October 26, 2009

An Interesting Rest Stop (On I-15 between Idaho Falls and Pocatello, ID)

Taken: October 26, 2009

Ran into one of the nicest rest stops I have ever seen – Hell’s Half Acre..  Nice interpretive hiking trail, an easy one, and a more difficult one.  All things labeled.  Nice benches, nice picnic tables with walls to shelter from the wind.  Lots of wind.  I’ll just post the photos… they will speak for themselves.
2009_10_25_MT-ID 026
Windy, windy, windy.
2009_10_25_MT-ID 013

     Don’t like wind.

2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 124

2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 118

2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 119

2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 121

2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 125
2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 117
2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 110
2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 111
2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 112
2009_10_26_slc_stgeo 113

Snow is still chasing me.  And the wind is cold.  On to UT… my Eighth State to paddle.

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