Wednesday, October 27, 2010

22nd State: New Jersey (Oct. 27, 2010)

New Jersey was a disappointment to me as far as getting in a good paddle.  I put in on Sandy Hook, near Fort Hancock, with the intent to paddle across the Sandy Hook Bay to Atlantic Highlands, and maybe have a snack there and return.  I thought I had taken some photos there, but the winds were really rough and the waves pretty high, so I didn’t???   I turned back before getting half way across… all that water and I couldn’t get in a good paddle.  But, you have to know your limitations.


Twin Lights of the Navesink,
a New Jersey State Historic Site

Below are other photos I took while exploring the area.

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Now there is a first… mushrooms on the beach!


I wish I had been as brave as these guys, with their NON-sit-on-top kayaks.


Now below is another strange thing… could someone please tell me what it is??? A cemetery???


Did get to meet another member of Vandwellers…


IMGA0678I had a lovely visit, with Mike (Hillwizard), his wife and son.  He made me a  bead from a bullet he had cast.  Cool!  He would like to be mobile but life situations prevent it at this time.


Once in awhile you see something strange… as Mike and I were sitting beside the trailer chatting, I looked across the street and noticed this duplex.  I never thought about it before, but if you own 1/2 a house, you might not want it to look the same as  your neighbor’s half.  Just struck me funny.

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