Monday, October 17, 2011

Truth or Consequences, NM (Oct. 2011)

This morning I slept in at the Boat Ramp area in Caballo Lake State Park, NM.  When I got up, I fixed a bowl of Cheerios and walked around looking at rocks while I ate it.  Now, if you know me, you know it doesn’t get any better than that.. if I can look at rocks and eat a meal at the same time.


Sue had invited me in to see her artwork at the Hot Springs where she is working and to have a free soak.  Never experienced that before and really needed to get this lake water off my body, so I drove in. What a delightful place and Sue’s art work is wonderful.


La Paloma Hot Springs



Sue, sitting at the vanity she did a mosaic top on for La Paloma.

I had told Sue and John that I wanted to kayak Elephant Butte Reservoir but that when I got there I had this really strange and frightening feeling and could not settle on a spot to camp… I just kept feeling like I was in danger and needed to get out of there.  It was almost sunset, the road in was awful and very steep and I didn’t know of a better way out but studied maps until I sort of had it figured out and then just made a run for it to get to town before it got really dark.

I attributed the strange feelings I was having to being tired after a long drive until Sue told me she had spoken to John and that he thought he knew what was wrong… why I felt that way.  Said there had been a serial killer in the area and they were looking for bodies out there at Elephant Butte.   That would be serial killer, David Parker Ray.    Dodododododo!!!   Wooo Woo!  Well, you know how in the vandwellers circles we are always saying if you are in a location that just doesn’t feel right, get out.  Here’s a link to the events there.. you decide:


I’m resting beside the Rio Grande River in Truth or Consequences, waiting for payday, two days from now, when I will have the oil changed in ol’ SwankieWheels, and then head to Deming NM to meet one more Vandweller… can’t meet anymore until I get more SwankieWheels beads to trade… I’ll be giving the last one out in Deming.


A SwankieWheel Bead

Note: If you got an different bead from me, handed out prior to me finding these little jewels, I’ll swap you anytime you have a replacement for the plastic placeholder bead on my traveller’s necklace.

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