Tuesday, August 31, 2010

14th State Paddled–Michigan (sort of)

I was surprised to see how beautiful “up-state” Michigan was…. a very enjoyable drive.   More text to be added…

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I decided to try and kayak here… but note the very large flag blowing straight out… it stayed that way most of the time.

michigan_one 164michigan_one 165michigan_one 166

My expression reflects how I felt about the conditions.  I put in from ramps in a harbor…. and paddled out to the mouth of the harbor… where it goes into the Lake.  The wind was strong and the waves were high.  It just seemed foolish to go farther when I was alone and no one had my schedule.  So, chicken Swankie turned back to shore.

michigan_one 168michigan_one 169michigan_one 170

I waved to some folks on a boat… saying I was kayaking all 50 states and asked if the Harbor could count as Michigan????

michigan_one 171

Met these two jetskiers… and told them it was really choppy out there… and they gleefully said, “Oh, good!” and off they went.

michigan_one 172

Oh, well, I know Michigan has more water…. and I’m heading toward Detroit.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bayfield, Wisconsin (visited August 2010)

After kayaking the Apostle Islands, I had to hang around Bayfield WI waiting for my new van tags from South Dakota.  Realized in Bayfield that my van tags had expired several months ago…. and California wanted $700 from me to bring them up to date.  So I contact “MyDakotaAddress” in Madison South Dakota and inquired about registering my vehicle there… and cost was to be about $50 or so.  I immediately signed up for their mailbox service… and sent her my title and registration, and ten days later, I had my SD plates… total cost was $72.00.  This is legal by the way.

Here are some of the sites… and text will be added soon…

wisconsin_bayfield2 003

I took a cruise around the islands on this “Island Princess.”  Pretty good tour… and I could never have kayaked that far… so it’s all good.  More text to follow later.

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michigan_one 016

Back to Bayfield.  I camped along this street.  You can see my grey trailer down the block.  The building on the corner is the Maritime Museum, across the street (photo below) is the Coast Guard Station.

michigan_one 017michigan_one 018

Around the corner was the City Hall.

michigan_one 019michigan_one 021michigan_one 022michigan_one 029michigan_one 030michigan_one 035michigan_one 038michigan_one 040michigan_one 046

Sunset, one of the nicest I have ever seen, near the point where I launched my kayak.

More text to follow.

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