Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Healthy On-The-Road: Day 6

Well, I wish I could say I'm better but at least I can say I'm no worse. 


The view from the head of my bed.  Dem trees is tall! 


And my left-over steak and fresh veggies stew.  Yum it was good.



I've spent a number of days in the GA mountains and it was basically all good, until I got rousted out by deputies at 1am-I was sound asleep.  I think if I had not left some of this stuff out overnight, they might not have questioned me. 

They checked my ID.  I explained I was sick and just out of the hospital and trying to rest and heal.  They said I could not park there and directed me back down the mountain about 1 mile.



The new spot was a nice picnic spot with a great waterfall.   Nice sound to sleep to.

I then blew them away with my "I'm kayaking America and have so far done 29 states”... at which point they decided not to ticket me?   The one deputy kept saying, “She is kayaking America… she has kayaked 29 states.”  Then he asked… “are you doing all this alone?”  I said, well, everyone else is dead, so I guess I could either give up and watch t.v. or get off my butt and live my life as I have always dreamed.

So there I am, full of sleeping pills at 1am, climbing onto the roof of my van to lift my big ladder up, tie it down, then lower myself back down through the driver's window (a view you would have to see to believe – David Hair has a photo of this, I’ll try to get it).  It is a task I have mastered, but on sleeping pills???  But the view of the stars was spectacular up there.  I'll have to do that more often.  I designed the roof platform so I could sleep up there... and I will have to "make it so" soon.


But at the new location, the great night's sleep was again disturbed by holiday weekenders and church goers at about 11:30am.   Screaming and hollering like someone just let them out of cages.  Well, I guess maybe that was the case.  But I just couldn't do it... so I drove back into town.  I'm looking for some shade... and will try to go back to sleep.  Tuesday, I might head back up the mountain .... problem is few places up there where I can get internet and I'm working live on doing a genealogy report for someone.

I am here:,-84.77191&ll=34.78483,-84.77191&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

OK...  I'm still way behind on blogging (sorry).

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