Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Full Refund Received for Botched Mexican Dental Work

3/30/15  I have received today about 1/2 the money that is due me.  I told Manuel, if I got $, I would take his photo off this page.  I am doing that now. On Weds April 1 I received the balance of the full refund that Dr. Sabas Magana Ambriz in Algodones, Sabali Dental Group promised me.  I have been repaid in full.  My apologies for any embarrassment this incident caused his brother or other family members.  I hope he has learned something from this incident and that he will be more honest with his clients and not try to take advantage of elderly widow ladies again.  Or anyone else for that matter. Good luck.

I regret this incident happened, but have now seen a good dentist in Parker, AZ who got all my work done correctly.  Yes, it costs me a lot of out-of-pocket $ above what my insurance covered, but bottom line is… if you have dental insurance, get your work done in America.  There are some excellent dentist… so ask around, find clients of the dentist and go to someone who has been well-known by many people for a long long time.  I’ve met people who have used the same dentist in Mexico for like 15 years.  Do your homework.  I did not, instead I trusted a relative of the guy I went to.

Can you help a single mom????

Update Feb 2018: unfortunately, Lori passed away in the National Forest near Flagstaff, AZ in 2017. She and Russell never did get that trailer.  He is now living with an aunt.  Their dogs have been rehomed.  

An acquaintance of mine and her teenage son are living on pennies a month, out of her car.  It was an adventure when he was a little boy, but is becoming tough as he approaches man-size.  They both have medical issues which prevent them from what some consider a “normal” lifestyle.  If you have been following me awhile, you know there is not much that is normal about my lifestyle, but this single mom has it tougher than I ever did.  Please help them if you can, even if it’s only a couple dollars.  Thank you.
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Their story: 
These fine folks are Lori and her son Russell. They have been scraping by on a little over $500 a month in child support and disability from Russ's estranged father plus food stamps.
Lori is a 48-year-old single mom with a heart condition. Russ is 14 and suffers from nystagmus, a condition of involuntary eye movement that limits his vision.  He's a great kid and he and Lori love each other very much. Lori's heart condition may qualify her for disability, which she's exploring with the help of some friends.

They're good people. And they need some help.
Lori and Russell both love their nomadic, outdoor-oriented life but they need more shelter, stability, and of course, money. With a trailer, they can have all three. With a trailer, Lori would be able to get a job. That's what she wants to do. But she can't get one without a real place to live.
With a simple, small travel trailer, she can qualify for many of the thousands of so-called 'work camping' jobs around the U.S., from camp hosting in state and national forests and RV campgrounds to hospitality jobs in theme parks and resorts.  (Most of these places will not hire people living out of their vehicles.)
Lori asked me to help her once, she only asked if she could buy me $20 worth of food, for $20 cash so she could buy gas to get to a job.  That’s a very tight budget folks.  Have you been that broke before???
Please read the rest of their story and see more photos on the GoFundMe site… and help a little if you can.  Thank you. (go fund me link removed)
P.S. Yesterday I unexpectedly came into a little bit of extra money and I am sharing some of that with Lori and Russell.  Thank you, Titan.

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