Friday, September 23, 2011

36th State: Illinois - Lake Shelbyville (9/23/2011).

Leaving Illinois today, I crossed to the Western side of the mighty Mississippi River.  Yahoo… I’m in the West again… sort of.
Had a really great visit in Indiana with my sister’s three sons, Paul, Kris and Rob and their families.  Talked a lot of genealogy.  Some of all that was great, except for the five smokers, seven dogs and three cats I had to do battle with to stay healthy.  Sure would have been more enjoyable without the battle.
Paul – Freeland and Associates, Arcadia, IN. (Paul’s family)
Kris – Freeland Paint and Drywall, Cicero, IN. (Kris’ family)
Rob – Works for Menards near Gosport, IN. (Rob’s family)
From there I headed to Illinois to find some water to kayak… and found Lake Shelbyville.  Nice four hour paddle, lots of birds.  Unremarkable otherwise.
I’m feeling particularly unattractive and tired with that tooth missing and mouth hurting.
Ahhh… much better view… nice little marina.
I found a fossil along the shoreline.
Then I headed up to the Chicago area and met and visited with my third cousin Kathy and her husband, Curt.  Our grandmothers were sisters (Olive and Laura Carlton).  We talked genealogy and compared notes.
Cousin Kathy
the grands – add photo later.
My grandmother and one of our great aunts both worked in the photography business.  Kathy had a stack of negatives which I was able to scan and digitize.  Some wonderful ones of our grandmothers when they were kids.
When I arrived at Kathy’s it was with tooth-in-hand, the second time this crown had broken off in three months.  I had to see a dentist and found one in Schaumburg, IL.  I knew the news would not be good and learned I needed an emergency root canal and a temporary crown just to get by and continue my trip.  Did that yesterday morning and it was really hard on me.  But he was a great dentist… especially to work me in that way.
Ahhh, my holey smile has been fixed… still hurts though.
This morning Kathy and I said our goodbyes and I headed west, and in some ways feeling glad I had “family genealogy visits” behind me.  Really getting sick of genealogy… something I NEVER ever thought would happen.  When I crossed the Mississippi there was a feeling of freedom that overcame me.  I enjoyed the drive through Western Illinois and saw some wonderful old houses… but I was happy to cross that river… like a real milestone.

Tonight I’m in DeWitt, IA where I had hoped to visit with a Vandweller but have been unable to make contact yet.  Tomorrow I’m heading out early to meet a couple more vandwellers not far from here… and where I might get a little work painting at a house.  That will be nice, as the co-pay portion of the root canal work has eaten up my month’s gas money… and there will be no more until Oct. 21.  Tooth falling out on payday… what a bummer. 

I will also be picking up some more portrait work in South Dakota when I get there, so that will help, but I need to get to AZ a.s.a.p… the plan was Oct. 1, but lack of gas money may prevent that from happening.  But there is family in SD, in NE, and others along the way… thank goodness.

O.K. now, tooth, you got not root so stop hurting now.

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