Sunday, July 29, 2018

Shoulder Surgery is on for 8/21/18

Finally, I have a date for surgery.  The surgeon can not tell me if I will have a regular Total Shoulder Replacement or a Reverse Shoulder Replacement, said he would not know until he gets into my shoulder but he will be prepared for either.  Said the recovery time was about the same for both.


Today, I found a power recliner for only $70, but I do not have the $70 to buy it.  It is in good shape.  I know I will be more comfortable in a recliner than flat in my bed.  My van bed it rather hard to get up out of.  I am seeking funds to buy the chair… immediately.  I only have $100 left and that has to buy food and gas between now and Aug. 15 payday.  Surgery is 8/21.

See donation button to the right of this page.  PayPal to… make sure to tag it as “Send $ to Friends” gift, or PayPal will keep a chunk of it.

To complicate my life, the mail forwarding service I have used for ten years (MyDakotaAddress) has just unexpectedly shut down and I have to find a new address… anyone in SD who will let me use an address temporarily until I can get new service somewhere else.  My Medicare card was in transit, my auto tabs are due… I need to submit a new address to those two places.  No mail will be coming to your address, it is just to have a real physical address on file.  With $100 left, I have no way to sign up for a new service before my surgery.


Thank you for any consideration.  I promise to pay it forward.

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