Arizona Trail Hike Wish List (updated 5/9/16)

Equipment Needed for Arizona Trail (Hike to begin in early Fall 2016)

     NOTE: If I am unable to obtain the gear by Fall, I may postpone the hike until Spring 2017.  Another reason for waiting is that water is very low everywhere right now and getting worse day after day.  More water will be available in the Spring 2017.

As I look at the gear lists of others, I can't help but wonder if this is not a rich-man's folly and if a poor old lady can afford such an adventure?  But if you care to contribute to this "folly" click the Donate button on the right and when you get to Paypal, make sure you select "Send Money to Friends" or PayPal will keep a chunk of the money you are intending for my use.  Thank you.

1) Gopro Simplified camera ( ) - $199.00, plus This ultra versatile mount can be used three main ways: as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod - $69.99 ( )

2) Small solar charger for small batteries

3) Therm-a-Rest Neo-Air Xtherm Sleeping Pad - $30.00 or more (so many diff. kinds of mats)

4) ZPacks Challenger Rain Jacket - $275.00  (well, this probably won't happen)

5) ZPacks Challenger Rain Pants - $165.00 (well, this probably won't happen either)

6) ZPacks Challenger Rain Mitts  $65

7) ZPacks Fleece Liner Mittens  $25

8) ZPacks Cuben Poncho  (I am not sure what this is as it is not listed on their site)
     but I think it is this... at $175.00.
or  Sea to Summit ponchos - range $55 - $100

ZPacks  brand and website does have some of the items seen at Summit Hut but less expensive.

9) BecTech Gloves - a wholesale site - $78 a doz.

10) a Spork or other eating utensils

11) a Bear Bag for food storage - there is a kit... - $50.  I would probably just get a bag from Big 5 for less.

12) MSR Sweetwater water filter - $89.95 (Summit Hut), REI same price, Amazon also has them.  Lots of different types.

13) Sawyer Mini Squeeze Water Filtration System - $25.00 Pretty much universally available from $17 on up.
---AquaMira Cl02 drops or bleach - $15.00

14) Tent repair kit, about $6.  Almost anywhere.  I may put my own together.

15) PTEC Byte Headlamp  (repair mine, needs new head band) - But has them for $12.??

16) Extra Batteries, for Flashlights, SPOT, cameras, phone?
       SPOT - 2 Lithium batteries.  (have four on hand as of 5/9/16)
       Red Camera
       Also Smart cards  ? what does new phone use???

17) Roll of Mole skin (ask Rhonda for type)

18) Underwear - 1 extra pair poly quick dry SPANDEX  (Just bought new pack of six)

19) Virgin Rag Wool long socks (knee high), or REI Merino Light Hiker Crew socks
  - Smart Wool Black socks - $25.00 pair... these are calf/knee high which are best for me.  2 pair needed at $25 x 2 = $50.

20) Xero shoes, or other hiking boots?
     (tried HOKA Mafate shoes, Altra Lone Peaks Olympus 2.0, and La Sportiva)
       Best for me was HOKA Mafate - $170.00
        Found on REI Outlet on sale for $120.  Ordered.  Should be in P.O. 5/9/16.
21) Montbell Ex Light down Jacket - $140.00   This might make sense.
       NOTE: I am considering postponing the hike until Spring 2017.  If I do, I will make my own ultra-light gear and a jacket, sleeping bag and tent may be items I make during the winter 2016-17 in Quartzsite.  I think I can save a lot of money doing this myself.

22) Under Armor fleece tights - I don't even like the looks of this stuff.

23) Cold Weather Army waffle top shirt - Now this I do like the looks of, especially the sleeve and hand thingy...

NOTE:  In fact, I like the look of this site... and their merchandise and may do a lot of my shopping there....

24) Gaitors - range from $22 to $87.  I may make a pair.

25) Electronics and map software, GPS ?
       - ATA databook and GPS software and printout - $0
       -or DeLorme Earthmate PN-20 handheld receivers

26) Topo Maps (paper and digital)

27) Solar Charger - s Charher 5 Suntactics  (NOTE:  This is the next item I want.)
       Summit Hut only carries GoZero Nomad 7 Plus - $100.00.  They have other GoZeros larger.

       Solar inflatable lights - $10-$26.  neat little things

28) Trekking poles - WHAT?   $125 each.  This is probably not happening.  Too many different kinds to list one.  Maybe I will look or a pair of used ones.  Or just use my hiking stick.  It's been with me since I hit the road in 2009, in fact, I found it on my first hike.

Note:  AZT hiking and trail crew folk feel it is important to have poles, not only for balance, but to keep both arms moving which prevents hands from swelling by hanging straight down and the weight of the pack cutting off circulation at the shoulders.)

29) Umbrella (for sun and rain)  Collibar - $50  Note: bought an umbrella at thrift store for $5.  May try to paint it silver and use it.

30) large bug net ranges $43 - $60

31) Soleil Balaclava (head and neck protection) - $20.00


This list is still being researched.

Other items needed for this lifestyle (not for Arizona Trail).

2) Wilson TV Antenna -  like RV Sue's - it boasts WiFi Signal.

3) Wilson Electronics - Sleek - Cell Phone Signal Booster for Single User ( - 11/13 was $74.00)

3) LED lights to replace lights in the van

4) Stock up on some Tyco Adhesives Nashau Duct Tape (so strong it will pull the skin off your fingers)

8) Fox Hill Camp Oven -

9) Tint the front side door windows of van... for more privacy.

10) Omnia Oven (OM 4500) - buy one

11) Swarofski Optik Scope (abt $2,000) (


  1. Do you have a place to receive packages from Amazon, or from an individual, like one of your readers? There's a chance, also, that someone has things, still unused, that you need. If you ordered something from Amazon, do you have an address for it to be received? I donated to your Hawaii trip, and might be able to help with this AZ Hike, once my finances / taxes are done, and I know where I stand right now. Hugzzz

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  3. Becky, I will be on the move and have no specific route figured out yet. Best anyone can do to help right now is donate using the Donation button on this page, or to my Paypal account - . If someone wants to mail something to me, we would have to sort that out... and they should email me for a Gen. Deliver address. Only permanent mailing address I have right now is in South Dakota and I don't want anything sent there. Thank you for your support.

  4. If anyone wishes to contribute to a specific item, please send a not so I can earmark your funds for that item. Thank you.

  5. Most of you know that for several years now I have been working toward hiking the 800 mile long Arizona National Scenic Trail, which goes from Mexico Border to Utah Border, up and over several mountains and down through lots of desert land. I have limited funds to accomplish this, which means I can not hire shuttles to pick me up at trailheads and get me to resupply points and back to trailheads. It's been daunting to say the least to try and work out these logistics... and do the hike as a thru-hike solo.

    Yesterday, I concluded, that I need to switch to doing it as a "section" hike, doing a Passage here and a Passage there. The weather is perfect in the Flagstaff area right now for hiking. There are actually two AZT that are in the Flagstaff area, one goes around east of Flagstaff, and the other goes right through Flagstaff and is the re-supply route.

    I believe there are enough vandwellers in the area, that I could leave my van with them, and get a ride to a trailhead and then hike the section closest to Flagstaff, as a trail run to test out my gear etc. If I find I am under-prepared or can't do it, it should be easy to get someone to met me at a trailhead and take me back to my van.

    I have not had the funds to swap out my old heavy gear (sleeping bag was bought in 1977) for newer lightweight gear. So my pack is much heavier than an old lady of 73 with bilateral knee replacements should be totting. But I want to get started. I did not kayak all 50 states in a year, and so I don't see why I need to do a thru-hike. My budget constraints dictate that I adjust my goal a little.

    If you can help, let me know.


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