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Quartzsite Gatherings, Winter 2018-19

Just a quick overview of the major vandweller gatherings this winter.  What, where, when and how.  Not all inclusive by any means, just links to where you can find more information.  (bits and pieces borrowed from Bob and Suanne.)

Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (WRTR):  Jan 4-8, 2019 

What: WRTR is part of Bob Well's CheapRVLiving organization.  An extension of the WRTR, this Facebook group of women collectively share wisdom, skills and practical knowledge about the nomadic lifestyle. It is a safe and inclusive space for women of all backgrounds and circumstances to participate in mentoring, networking, sharing information and developing skills. The goal of the group is to create a virtual classroom and networking avenue in which all are encouraged to be both teacher and student, mentor and mentee. This group is open to women who have attended a Women's RTR, or plan to attend in the future --

Where:  Bouse AZ


Description of each area:

1) Limited Mobility: If you are handicapped, disabled, or have a limited mobility, go here. If a man is a woman-participant's caregiver, then camp here.

2) Allies: Where women who share their rig with a male will hang out and camp.

Camps 3-13 are intended to be for women only.

3) Smoke- and Fragrance-Free: For women who are chemically sensitive.

4) Healthy Living Activities: For the woman making healthy lifestyle choices, regardless of were she is in her journey.

5) Art: For any type of artistic activities, except audio art.

6) Rainbow: For LGBTQ and friends, a supportive place.

7) Tenders: For women who sleep in their tents, especially geared for newbies to support one another.

8) Quiet: The most popular camp selection in the poll. Women may camp at more of a distance from one another.

9) Pet Owners: Join this camp for camaraderie with other animal lovers.

10) Little Noise: For shorter-duration quieter sounds, less than an hour, less than 60db, including music a very quiet generators.

11) Generators: For women who want to run their loud (more than 60db) or long-running (more than 1 hour) generators or engines.

12) Music: This camp will be for folks who play and listen to music for longer lengths of time.

13) Nature: For women who enjoy the company of others who also love exploring and learning about nature.

When:  January 4-8, 2019

How:  For details go to Facebook WRTR – currently 1,498 members.


Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR):  Jan 9-20, 2019  (almost anything you need to learn about this lifestyle can be found on his site.)

What:  Bob Wells started the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (commonly called the RTR) in January 2010. There were 45 of us that first year and we all had a great time. It was so great that we’ve been holding it annually ever since and it has grown larger every year. 

There will be many very experienced vandwellers at the RTR and an even larger number of newcomers. That creates a perfect opportunity for learning, so we put on seminars most days covering basic subjects of interest to vandwellers.

Schedule is a work in progress… not finalized.


Where:  Quartzsite, AZ

33.649045, -114.145593

Video on location:  Bob’s Video:

RVTV Video (with internet upload and download speeds:

When:  Jan 9-20, 2019

How:  Getting a Special Use Permit makes that person responsible for what goes during the event–at the RTR, that someone is Bob Wells! If you do something wrong, first BLM will talk to you, but then they will come talk to Bob and issue him a warning. If he can’t control the group, BLM won’t allow us to gather! IT IS BOB’s CAMP, AND HE DOES  EXPECT YOU FOLLOW THE RULES. If you insist on breaking the rules, the Ranger will be glad to enforce BLM rules.

Main web site:  (tons of resources and how to do info.)


Tiny Care Living Resources:

Suanne Carlson’s Prius:

David Swanson:  Luxury Living in a Prius:


Swankie Wheels Blog:

Swankie Wheels Facebook Page:


  1. Swankie Wheels I will be a volunteer at the RTR (God willing and the creek don't rise).

  2. Me, myself, and I have decided all this is getting way too complicated and seems like work rather than retirement to me. I can't do it.


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