Sunday, July 17, 2016

Winter Plan (Quartzsite AZ via Colorado Springs, CO)

Made it to SD, ND, But had to cancel WA due to mechanical issues with my van.  I have family and friends to visit now in Colorado before continuing on to Quartzsite, AZ.  The summer was fabulous and as time permits I will post more photos.

Got to meet my Great niece, Brooklyn and her wonderful big brother, Levi (the photo bomber).  Wish it could have been a longer visit.  I just know this, my niece, Amber, is a wonderful mother and her kids are great.

Returned to Meeker to pick up my trailer.  Prior to going to ND, I had to replace this catalytic converter.  The GMC dealer in Meeker wanted $1,700 for the job.... Valley Repair did it for less than $400... leaving me the funds to make the ND trip.  The old converter was full of crumbled pieces.  I will write more about these wonderful mechanics at Valley Repair in Meeker.  They have adopted me now and consider me "family."

And now I need to take care of pealing paint that is coming off the van in sheets. I had already had the hood repainted in FL a few years ago.  Expensive job... one quote was $1,000 just to patch these two places... and a two week wait before they could do the job.  Uggghhhh.

The Profile of George Washington at Mt. Rushmore.  I saw many interesting things, but I am not much of a tourist.  I take the road less traveled.  More on that later.

I am safe, happy, and healing from a month-long COPD episode, falling and cracking 3 ribs, worry over the cost of repairing my van so I could be on the road again, and then the paint coming off, plus the stress of saying goodbye to all the people I met at Northfork campground this season.  I have been offered another job at a different campground and am considering it... but it will depend on how the AZ Trail goes... and when I finish it, and if I survive it.  LOL


  1. When will you be in SD? I didn't get to say goodbye after RTR. Might be able to meet ya.

    1. broke 3 ribs Sunday... so will be delaid... should be there by 3rd wk of Sept. Breaking camp and loading up will be a challenge. It has taken me this long to figure out who you are... a photographer, right?

    2. Sorry Anonymous... I have come and gone. Maybe at the next RTR???


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