Friday, December 27, 2013

SOS: Help Needed for a Friend–Ham Operator KJ4HYD

Possum Hunter (long time member of Yahoo Vandwellers and founder/owner of Facebook Vandwellers)...  has lost everything but the clothes on his... back and his wife and daughter. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Possum is the large man in camo jacket and hat, and his wife and daughter are standing next to him looking at the building.

Good time to Pay Forward if you can. I will do all I can to help him. He has been a very good friend to me and many others.

Kevin Raper
107 Moore Court
Simpsonville SC 29681

is his snail mail address Possum Hunter's cell is 352 552 8994 FYI - Kevin is Possum Hunter.

Here is a starter list of things they need:

12eee shoes,
60-30 Bib overalls,
4x flannel shirts,
4x t shirts ...
5x woman's shirts and pants,
16 or 18 woman's shirts and pants

His HAM radio call sign is KJ4HYD.  Many Hams know him.  Please share or pass this information on to all HAMs you know.  Thank you.

Pay It Forward


  1. Ohh Poor Possum! I just found out about this today. Poor guy. He's had so much bad news recently

  2. I have 4x shirts, they might have some wear on them but i can send wed or thurs to above address?

  3. Yes, please, Dazar

    The above address is good. He would appreciate the shirts I am sure.

    Kevin Raper
    107 Moore Court
    Simpsonville SC 29681


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