Sunday, September 5, 2010

14th State Paddled–Michigan (for real–Sep 5, 2010

Had a nice visit with my former mother-in-law and brother-in-law… and he knows the Detroit River, been boating all his life.  So got good instructions for my Michigan paddle.

michigan_three 001Niagra_Falls_2 026

Jim Bailey and his mom, Peg Bailey on Gross Isle, MI.

michigan_three 007

I launched the kayak in my mother-in-law’s back yard on a canal.

michigan_three 010michigan_three 011michigan_three 012michigan_three 014michigan_three 017michigan_three 018michigan_three 019

Labor Day Weekend party-goers… gather in this little cove… to PARTEEE!  (have a video but can’t figure out how to load it)

michigan_three 024michigan_three 025michigan_three 026michigan_three 027michigan_three 035michigan_three 036michigan_three 037michigan_three 039michigan_three 041

There was suppose to be a water way cutting through all this growth, but I didn’t find it and got stuck, ending up stowing my paddle and pulling myself through with my arms and hands.

michigan_three 043

Finally I broke through and was greeted by a pair of white swans.

michigan_three 058

On the way back along Gross Isle, I saw herons, cranes, etc.  Awesome.  Hard to believe all this beauty is right there by Detroit.

michigan_three 062michigan_three 067

So, I did, for sure, kayak Michigan.  And it was wonderful spending time with my delightful mother-in-law, Peg Bailey.  We spent hours going through the Bailey Family photos and I scanned as many of them as I could for my sons and grandchildren.  What a treasure, both the photos and Peg.

indiana_ 055

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