Friday, July 2, 2010

First Paddle of 2010

After shoulder surgery five weeks ago, yesterday, July 1, 2010 I did my first kayak paddle.  I have kayaked the Port Angeles Harbor before with my friend Gary… and we were both eager to get out on the water.  It had rained most of the day… but off we went about 6pm.

first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 014

After not kayaking for almost six months, and having surgery on my shoulder, I wasn’t sure I would remember how.  I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t hurt too much to do it.  But, boy, I just slide right into the kayak and pushed off… and nothing… just glided right out there.  We paddled around, saw some seals, fish, birds.

first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 021

Saw a rainbow off on the horizon above the Coast Guard facility.  We paddled toward that… a total of about two miles round trip.  At about a mile, my shoulder muscles cramped a bit so we turned and headed back toward the van.

first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 005 first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 008

Here is my friend Gary knelling on a catamaran kayak he build… designed by him… and made so that he can also paddle it like a paddle board, standing up.  He is a year older than I am.

first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 015first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 001 first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 012

Also, you might notice that this is a rainbow out on the far  horizon… it’s very faint… and I could even see it slightly reflected in the water. 

It was a great paddle and I feel reassured that I can now resume my Kayaking Adventure… though I will still have to take it easy a few more months and avoid waves, strong currents, etc.  Still I felt great being able to accomplish this yesterday.

first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 019 first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 018  first_paddle_2010_07_01_ 023I’m happy!


  1. This is great to read Charlene! I am so happy to hear you and gg were able to go paddling the harbor again! I miss it so much already :( Miss you guys too!

    The pics are great too! Nice to see that big smile on your face!

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Thanks,Mike. Poor Gary... is going through hell this week cleaning up a rental that was left trashed. I'm sure he'd rather do more kayaking but already has a new renter, so much restore the place to liveable. I CAN'T help as they had cats in there... and it reaks... and I'm highly allergic. I feel so very bad for him... good thing he isn't allergic like I am or it would probably kill him. Maybe we will get in one more paddle before I leave. I have four more people to see before I go to the Eastern side of the mountains to see baby Will.


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