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5th State: WA - Port Angeles (Sept. 09 - 15, 2009

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 001

Gary’s Baby and behind that my SwankieWheels.  We are unloading our kayaks to have a smooth paddle on the bay.  I thought the rainbow was so appropriate.  Beautiful day.  Can it get any better than this?

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 003

SwankieWheels in Port Angeles, WA

 2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 005

Charlene taken by Gary “gg”.

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 012

Also taken by Gary.  This should be called “Glimmerglass Bay.” 

QuietWelcome to Port Angeles!ly nestled between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains, Port Angeles is located in Clallam County on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State - U.S.A.

Incorporated in 1890 - the City has progressed into the 21st century while still holding onto steadfast traditions of hard work, family and community.

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 016

“Gary Gearloose” Lepak… the kayak builder.

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 018

Gary is a master-story-teller, and he was talking and I was listening, we didn’t notice Heidi and Mike on the shore hollering at us.  That’s their van.  We paddled over and met them.

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 019

The reflections on the water amazed me.  It’s as if the feather is laying on a mirror.  You can just see the tip of my paddle on the bottom of the picture.

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 020

Gary again.

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 023

That’s my kayak… have you ever seen anything so amazing?

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 024

2009_09_09_gary_port_angeles 025

2009_09_10-port_angeles 009

I spent some time alone on the shore near the Coast Guard facility… and found these rock sculptures all over the place. 

2009_09_10-port_angeles 014

And driftwood structures.  Fascinating.

2009_09_10-port_angeles 019






The next day, Mike took Heidi and I panning for gold in one of his secret spots.  I don’t know how Heidi managed to hide, but somehow I didn’t get her photo, again.  Maybe that’s why she is named “hide – ie?”

2009_09_12_paddle_with_gg 012

The following day, Gary and I paddled our kayaks around the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival.  This one was of particular interest… named “Boondock.”

2009_09_12_paddle_with_gg 023

Gary on one of his home-build kayaks.  That would kill my knees.  He is amazing.

2009_09_12_paddle_with_gg 025 Charlene’s and Gary’s kayaks side by side.

2009_09_12_paddle_with_gg 028

I thought is was very interesting how he had holes carved out for his toes.  The seat is also very interesting.

2009_09_12_paddle_with_gg 029

Gary and his kayak.

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 002 2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 001

The next morning we walked up-hill to a really neat market/coffee shop for breakfast.  We walked a little farther to see this 1890 Bell Tower.  “For more than 50 years, the bell was used to call volunteer fire fighters to their posts.  It is the only known tower of its kind in the United States.  It was restored in 2003 by the Jefferson County Historical Society and the city of Port Townsend and remains an important reminder of our heritage.”

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 006 
Interesting craft vendors.

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 011

This is the Y√Ľko. It is the second of two Navigators built in Olympia, WA by Barrett. She built the first for her mother in Maine, where Grace sailed to great success. Everything was built solo by Barrett, with exception of the sails and the blocks. Barrett has neither formal boatbuilding nor woodworking training, learning both by example from age 6, when her father started building his own boat.

Nearly 200 hundred wooden vessels, from tall ships to small rowing and paddling boats, fill the Port of Port Townsend's Point Hudson marina for the annual Wooden Boat Festival. A fundraiser for year round educational programs, this annual event draws nearly 25000 people for the weekend and the marina is a year round destination for people with boats and who love boats from around the world.

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 012

A boat for twokniveskatie…

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 014

…and one for the ladies who like purple, Fat City, I think .

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 023

A vandwellers dream, a folding sink, but this one is porcelain.  On one of the historic ships, Lotus (Gruye).  I’ll add that info later.  This was on an Edwardian Houseboat Cruiser built in 1909… and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 045

The next morning, the sunrise was so fabulous that Gary hopped out of his Scion “Baby,” barefooted, to photograph it.

2009_09_14_Port_Townsend 044

2009_09_14_pt_crossing 005

And alas, it was time to say goodbye to Gary and head across the waters of Puget Sound to see my family.  Spankie waves goodbye.

2009_09_14_pt_crossing 008

Spankie is still not sure what he thinks about so much water… and hangs on fast.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 009

SwankieWheels along Highway #11.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 013

I’ve never seen such an astounding sunset.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 018

… and it got even better.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 023

After we crossed the Sound, I headed up Highway 20 north thru Coupeville and Oak Harbor where my husband was once a police officer.  Then along a narrow road of Highway #11 to Bellingham where I was to meet with his granddaughter, Dani.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 042

And not to be outdone by the sunset, here comes some sort of “dwelling” on wheels.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 043

And there he is.

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 044

And there he goes. (Boy it’s tricking being a photographer on wheels – steering wheels)

2009_09_15_Bellingham-Lynnwood 046

Finally got to Bellingham and met up with Dani.  She wanted her grandpa’s old flannel shirt.  Hard for me to part with that one as the most recent photo I had of him, he was wearing it.  I liked to cuddle wearing it.  But she was so sweet, I could not say no.  Dani, I hope you treasure it always and fine a lot of comfort in it.  Your grandpa was very proud of you.

It was painful to revisit places that Dave and I had been together at in 2001, especially Everett where he died.  I was surprised to find that it bothered me.  So now on down I5 and I405 to Kirkland, then on to Wenatchee.  I have granddaughters to visit (one that I have not yet seen).


  1. Uaaaauuuuu!!!!It's an amazing place.I wish I've lived there. I love the landscape, it's a beautiful place for a happy family.Till the ,,Twilight''I haven't knew this town but now I envy the people who lives there!


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