Monday, October 19, 2009

7th State: MT - Flathead Lake (Oct. 19, 2009)

Can’t believe I’m going to try for two paddles in two states within two days… but Montana is so close… and that lake, Flathead, looks so inviting.

2009_10_19_MT 002
Beautiful Area… and I’m sure to return here.  There was an island off shore called Wild Horse Island.  I wanted to paddle around it.  There was one closer in nick-named “Boy Scout Island” and I only made it out to the northern tip of that island before having to turn around.  The water between the two islands was getting really rough and I only had enough time to get back to shore before dark.
2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 092
2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 097
Upper land is Wild Horse Island and closer one is “boy scout” island.  Can’t think of it’s real name right now.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 095
The water was so clear… amazing.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 106
The sky was so grey.  I have to paddle all the way back to that farthest land coming out from the left and the wind is picking up.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 111 A loon?

I understand that the Indians used to take their horses out there to prevent anyone from taking them.  There are suppose to still be horses there, but I could not spot any through binoculars.  I will return when weather is more favorable and will also see if I can obtain permission to camp one night on the Wild Horse Island… so the paddle could be broken up into two segments/days.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 121
I feel the ice in the air… and the snow is chasing me.  I must head south.  I headed south on I90 to Missoula expecting mail there.  I waited a couple days but could wait no longer.  Had to go south with out my mail.  Nice sunset one of those nights though.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 177
2009_10_25_MT-ID 059 
Soon I was headed back into ID again… and explored the Driggs/Victor areas but didn’t recognize anything from when I was there on a mountaineering course in 1977.  Note the buffalo on top of that corner building.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 185 Tetons, from West side.

Crossed over into WY near the Grand Teton and took these photos.  The snow was chasing me and had caught a few people as I saw snow on their cars.  Motivated me to keep going south.

2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 199 The Grand.
2009_10_25_MT-ID 053 
2009_11_00_Wenatchee-zion 205 
On, SwankieWheels… on southward.

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  1. That looks like a good trip. I rode around the Tetons from the East to the West on a motorcycle awhile back - What a trip!! Read more at


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