Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I lost what??? 80 pounds???? Are you kidding.

The past couple of days I have been walking around with such ease that I have felt puzzled.  Where I huffed and puffed going up and down to the lake in May, I hardly take a deep breath.  Today I attended a job-related "appreciation" dinner in Glenwood Springs.  Pants that were tight on me a month ago felt baggy and I kept catching the cuff on my heels.  What?  What is going on?  So after I had stuffed my face with the best food I've had in awhile, I went off to buy a set of scales.  Low and behold, I have lost 45 pounds since I began this job in May 2012.  What???  I am still surprised.  I am now within 20 pounds of my ideal weigh and feel better than I have felt in 28 years.  I am highly motivated now.  I will reach my goal weight before the end of this fall.  I will I will I will.

Who is this lighter, healthier person?  I will have to get to know myself all over again.  I am so psyched.  What a thrilling adventure this is.


  1. Well done! That's a fast weight loss - you must have literally worked your butt off.

    (The Good Luck Duck)

    1. Roxi... that's the secret I think. And most of it was fun.

  2. Hope that you are able to accomplish all that you are striving for. I suppose that learning the great outdoors is a wonderful experience. Thanks for showing you drawing the picture of Lt Brumagen on your blog.

  3. Darn, I think this sketch has been lost in the mail. I posted it on 9/11 and it has not arrived as of 9/24!!! Oh, how I hate that.

    1. It did finally show up. I had made an error on the mailing address. Will triple check them in the future.


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