Friday, March 15, 2013

Experimenting with my Amazon Store

I'm trying to learn more about being an Amazon Associate... so just browsing and looking for things to share with my followers and also looking for input from people a little more savy about all this.

I know ONE product I have come to love this past year is coconut oil.  I have very dry skin.  If you do too, you might like to check this stuff out.  It doesn't leave your skin feeling oily.

Ha, there you go.  I wondered how people got this adds inserted into the blog itself... and I did it.  Yeah.

O.K. back to looking for more gadgets and stuff.

Alright, I've figured out how to get tabs at the top, now if I can figure out how to add the titles I want to add???

But enough for now.  The van is getting hot and I must go have a cooler place to spend the day.  85 degrees are 12:30pm.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Take time to smell the rocks?


Today I ran away from home to go out and smell the rocks. urrrr flowers??? No, I smell rocks – guess I’m suffering from rock withdrawal, afterall, I’ve been in a city for a month now. Thought I needed a little desert time... so I followed my nose and ended up at Lake Pleasant Regional Park north of Phoenix.

Really, I shouldn't have spent the gas money that way... but just thought I deserved it. It's called "re-creation" (oh, wait, I even have a degree in that, and I should use my degree, right!).

Having spent the past month, parking lot hopping… it was good to get out and walk in the fresh air and sunshine.  We had almost 24 hours


of rain.  Things were blowing everywhere.  And that’s all the desert needs… to turn green.


This is near the Visitors Center at Lake Pleasant Regional Park… and NO, it’s not irrigated.


I understand they also have about 300 head of wild burros here as well, and I’ve seen proof of that, but no real animals sited.

Photo from: Taos Unlimited

They also have Satellite towers here… so I’ve got good internet.


OK, one of those is a Satellite tower.


The rock wall is a desert tortoise enclosure.  They are not out yet, too cold.  For more about this go to next page on Desert Tortoise.

It doesn’t get any better than this, until tomorrow.

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