Sunday, August 26, 2012

Too much wildness???? Is it possible?

A couple nights ago I cooked that rainbow trout I was given, thinking I could not eat it all… but I ate the whole thing.   Yummy.
Yesterday, as I wrapped up my work day, I heard a helicopter.  I went up the ridge above my campground to spot the landing site.  One guy was on the ground, doing something, I figured out later he was hooking up the water bucket.  There were drawing water from the Lake below my campground, and flying it out S.E. about 3.5 min. and then 3.5 min. back again.  They made about seven bucket loads… and then loaded up the bucket and left.  I was on my way to ask the guy on the ground if I needed to be concerned, but they were done before I could get around to that side of the lake.  I could not see any smoke, but we have had a lot of thunder and lightening the past few days.
I have escaped the wilderness to escape some crazy wild people out there. One camper refused to keep his three vehicles in the camping space he rented and paid for and then when he left, he stole a whole pile of firewood from another camp site.
Last night, July 9th, 6pm.
This morning, July 10th, 10:30am.
You are suppose to have a Permit from the Forest Service to remove any wood from the National Forest.  Signs are posted and clear.
And another day-use group got upset about having to pay five dollars for the day use area... they caught 9 fish and had a tailgate party, used the bathroom facilities and dumped their trash... but tried to get out of paying $5 saying "we are just passing through!"   How do you catch 9 fish as you pass through an area????

What is wrong with these people? It's like they are immoral, or psychotic? Or what????

Well, as for me, today and tomorrow I am not going to worry about it. And today, on my way out, there was a large sheep herd at the same area... complete with shepherd on horseback and two border collies.
I tried to talk to the man (either Hispanic or Columbian?) and all he could say... is "sheep herder." Well, duh... that much I knew.
Coming down the mountain I took a number of other photos of switchbacks, the mountains, cattle and flowers… for your viewing pleasure.  It’s a nice drive.
OK, tonight, just going to enjoy the internet, Diary Queen, and Laundromat and a hot shower. Yahhhh!!!
I like being in the wilderness… but would like it better if I was ALONE.


  1. "but would like it better if I was ALONE"....chuckle. If you can find a way to get paid for that, I'm all ears.

    Glad to hear you're OK and in such a beautiful spot, at any rate.

    1. Oh, you betcha... if I figure that one out... I'll be sure to post a blog on the subject.

      Thanks, SJ.

  2. Complaining about 5 dollars to fish is crazy. Here in the UK you need to buy a fishing rod license before you can even begin to fish. Then you have to pay the fishery to fish, and that is per person and more than 5 dollars to be sure. I have found some campers are really tight and miserable with money. That trout looks delicious.

    1. N.E. some people are just "tight and miserable" about everything. They do have to buy a fishing license and the five dollar fee is not for "fishing" as such but for parking, maintenance of day use area (trash collection, toilet paper, cleaning of bathrooms, trash bags, etc.). Thing is they can drive past the "day use" area and park along the shoreline for free... so why not just move a few yards??? The signage really needs to be better so they can understand all this easier.

  3. N.E. Trout was so good, problem is... too many people are giving me too many fish. I have had to begin declining them. I'd like to be able to catch my own... but don't seem to have the knack for it. Some of the people who come to camp are so "nuts" I have to escape back to town to recover. I love it up there when NO ONE is around.

  4. Fire spotter, they pay you to be ALONE. But, you have to climb that big tower.

    1. Pat... that is a great idea... Fire Spotter. I think I would like that much much better than dealing with all the public, and there might be a bathroom to clean once in awhile but not like having to check on 7 of them 3 times a day. I'll look into that. Thanks for the idea. I don't mind climbing the stairs, that would make up for having a fairly sedentary job.

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