Thursday, October 6, 2016

Beautiful Colorado–enroute to Colorado Springs

After a very rough season of Camp hosting, I am having some much deserved down time, all to myself.  Time to enjoy nature, and find my wits again.  The last month on the job, I suffered a severe case of RAD (never even heard it before – Reactive Airway Disease).  I knew I had COPD, but none of the normal cures were helping me. I could not stop coughing. The last six days on the job, I finally found a cure.  Fell and cracked 3 ribs… let me tell you, you WILL stop coughing.  And Lordy, I think it hurts worse than having a baby… sure takes longer for the pain to stop.  LOL

So, it’s off to enjoy some wide open spaces, and I am loving every mile.


I have friends and family in Colorado Springs… so I am SLOWLY heading that way.  Brother, and sister-in-law, nephew, great niece and great nephew, good friend from “vandwellers” tribe, and who else???? 

And on the way, this….


Swankie’s wits… where are you?????


  1. Someone just emailed this comment: Been trying to respond on your blog for half an hour, it keeps telling me it can't identify me! Arrrgh!!

    I'm testing it to see what happens.

    1. Evidently, it did not like me responding with my new site.


      I'm not sure why, but I kept getting booted out each time I tried! Ah well. It is still accepting my Google account.

      Take care gal!

    2. Oops!

      Lol. But I did have it right in the box! Oh well! Have a great day gal!

  2. Hey Gal, So sorry to hear about the cracked ribs! Not the best way to stop coughing, but effective, I'm certain! Tough! Take care of yourself gal! I'm looking forward to seeing you this winter sometime! Go slow and easy. Hey, that tall plant with the beautiful yellow blooms? Any idea what it is? It's is lovely! Take care!

  3. It's a Mullien (spelling) plant. Or, Lamb's Ear, or "campers toilet paper."



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