Monday, May 4, 2015

Help Needed with Gas to Get to Florida (updated 5/15/15)

I am making one last trip to see my sister in Florida. I probably can't afford this trip, but then I can't afford not to go either. It will be the last time I see her and it's something I have to do. Family matters, even if they don't act like they even like you. I was born in Florida but overall I don't like Florida or the East Coast... so I'm making this my last trip.

I currently have enough $ to get there, and only five days to go before payday, thanks to some friends who have send money for gas. Right now I'm in Biloxi, MS and will be in FL, where I was born 71 years ago tomorrow, tomorrow.  Yes, I will have cake and ice cream somewhere.

There is a donation button on the right here... if you can help me.  Or if you could donate a minimum of $25, I will send you a cut and polished lapidary stone that I personal made.  See photos of various stones.

This trip is important to me... but mind you, I don't intend to pass up water if my boat feels like getting wet. Nope, the boat and I will stop and get wet.

Thank you, and thank you for doing your usual Amazon shopping using my Amazon affiliate link.


  1. Sister in Florida? Another missing relative! Subscribed to your site and email today (just found it....again!) Will do all I can to help! TTYL!

    1. Frank, please email me your email address. Mine is

    2. Yes, Frank. I have an older half sister, by my Mom Betty Bevis (daughter of Olive).

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