Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sister and Her Land

My sister: Cheryl is my oldest half-sister on my Dad’s side.  I’ve only seen her a couple times in my life until this trip to Alaska.  She and her hubby, Troy, have been good friends to me even so… and baled me out when my laptop died so I could keep blogging and doing family genealogy.  They are true gems.


Left: That’s Cheryl holding the dog. Right: I have the bandana on and my hand is on Cheryl’s shoulder.  These were the only two times the five girls have been together in this lifetime.  The left photo was taken in 1968-9 when my husband and I toured the Western States between living in Iran and going to West Africa.  The Right photo was taken at a Haupt (their mother’s side) Reunion at Mt. Rushmore – I forget the year. It was funny that even though I didn’t grow up with them, we all dressed alike and acted a lot alike, at least I thought so.


Troy and Cheryl and Cheryl’s son Keith, Aug. 2013.

So, it was fun getting to know Cheryl and her family a little better… and I wish I could have stayed longer.  She took me to some property she owns and we gathered some soil to take home to wash out looking for gold.  Had planned to pan on her land, but had no water source other than the rain… and the mosquitoes were terrible.  We walked the land, taking photos of the plants.  Here are more photos:

Cheryl’s Land
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We made a number of other side trips driving to and from Seward.  See The Road Trip.

Another stop we just headed off into some bushes and did a photo-shoot.  See Alaska Flora and Fauna.

The Road Trip–Anchorage-Seward-Anchorage.
Getting To and From the Holgate Glacier
The Flights To and From Alaska
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