Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally, got my blog writer (Win Live Writer) installed and working?

This is a test???


  1. Yes, I did... pat pat pat... that was Swankie patting Swankie on the back!!

  2. Hummmm never heard of it? Looks like you can work offline...wonder if it works with blogger?

  3. Yes, you can work off line until you get it like you want it and then publish it. I like this program a lot. It was difficult to get working on my new laptop. It comes with Windows Essentials... but for some reason wasn't in that directory. I had to use s/w to correct the problem. It's pretty user-friendly and once I got it downloaded, it installed, remembered all my labels from the old computer. Seems seamless now.

  4. I'll check it out....researching new laptops right now for our travels! Sure nice to work the post offline...I'd love that!

  5. CJ, I hope you found the software and that you like it. I love it. Let me know.


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