Monday, January 28, 2013

SOS... Help Requested.

Forgive me kind followers, but today I had to spend $900 on tires.  That left me short of funds to pay my auto insurance payment on Feb 5... of about $170 (a quarterly payment).   I am really only short about $20 but have no place to come up with that amount.  I had forgotten about the auto insurance until after I bought the tires... and now am in trouble.  My next income isn't until Feb 20.  Darn.  I am not asking for a gift although some of you offered last year and told me to let you know if I  needed help.  If I could do some sketches for people, that would be great.  Or if anyone could advance me money until Feb 20, I would be ever so greatful.  You can use the Yellow Donate button in the upper right corner of this blog page.

By the way, I have a phone job interview tomorrow at noon for a possible job in Alaska.  Prayers couldn't hurt either.

Thank you again for your support and for following me.


  1. Helped. And visualizing you in Alaska!

  2. Swankie I can get you 30 bucks. Is that OK? Give me to later to put it in my PP.

  3. Page, thank you so very much... and to everyone else who is pitching in to help me.

  4. Hi SwankieWheels! Nice blog, saw your link on cheaprvliving. I see you do sketches. Do you do pets? Thank you.

  5. Yes, Brian, I do sketch pets. Same price. Email me details . This is going to be a real challenge to get enough $ together to get to Alaska on time.

  6. Oh, by the way, I was offered the job in Alaska, now I have to get a CDL, pass the training, physical and drug test and get my butt to the Ferry in WA state. I'm really hussling here.

  7. I'm still going to Alaska, in August, but not for the seasonal tour bus quide job. My eyes were not up to the company standards, nor where my nerves... just can't seem to talk and drive at the same time, which was the primary job requirement. Actually, in hindsight, I think it is really unsafe to ask a person to do both jobs at the same time... you need to either be the driver/maintainence person, or the tour guide/customer relations person. Seems unsafe to me to do both jobs at once... at least it would have been unsafe for me to do them both. But I gave it my all... and that's all one can do.

    1. Well, I ended up not getting that job, as my eyes were not good enough, and I could not "drive" and "tour-guide" at the same time. The job title is "driver-guide". LOL A very dangerous combination in my humble opinion. It was disappointing. I had no issue driving the big bus, however.


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