Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year - 2012

Well, the old year couldn’t have ended any better.  Thanks to a vandweller connecting me with Liz, I now have a new lifelong friend and soul sister.  We met in the desert on BLM land and first thing we had in common…. was matching key lanyards.  What a hoot.  That was just the beginning.


We drove on out to find a more wilderness area and made camp, talked, giggled, walked her dogs, etc.  Then a neighbor came by, Cliff, and asked if we liked fish.  Said he would bring us some for supper the next day.  The next day he brought us even more fish.  Wow!


Our camp was surrounded by more wildlife than I have seen in any Quartzsite area BLM land.  Quail, doves, sparrows, and some other little bird I didn’t know.


Gamble Quail ?

More giggles and laughter as we told each other our stories, followed by the best fish I’ve ever eaten… Ocean Snapper I think he said.  He fishes all over  the country full time, has a large freezer, vacuum packs and quick freezes it – then I guess he runs about the desert on his ATV giving it out to homeless ladies?  First meal I’ve cooked in ages… guess I haven’t forgotten how.


The meal was followed by more laughs and a really awesome sunset.



The next day did get better, we had free breakfast and free lunch at La Mesa RV.  Three free meals in a row… how can it get better? But it will.

I took an early morning walk to scout out a better camp… because we had parked on top of an ant colony.  This is what our camp looked like then.  A lot of people ask, what is it like out there…. well, BIG.


We relocated and then I made Scrambled Eggs and Ham for breakfast.  Had found these bell peppers at Trader Joes and they are to die for.  Very yummy.  Liz’s furries looked on mournfully.  Last night they got a whopping big piece of fish that slipped off the plate.  They got no ham and eggs.  Great pooches.  Great New Year’s Day.


Rescued dogs, BooBoo in background and Lew-Lew in foreground.


I experienced some social trauma right before I met Liz and was pretty upset… and she just let me vent and vent until I got it all out.  I had heard on the radio a couple of days ago, that "Happy people don't make New Years Resolutions. I'm not happy about ONE thing so I made ONE resolution: "I will not speak the word "arrogant" in 2012, nor two names that have the initials JL and GC. One hates Quartzsite the other hates me... but I love both Quartzsite and myself… so moving happily on assured that each day will be better than the last as I continue to grow and learn.

Happy New Year friends and I am wishing you all the good health and happiness that I am feeling right now.  Oh, thanks to a dear Canuck I know, I now have a new tool… the Swankie Whammie!   I’m all ready for whatever 2012 brings my way.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and upbeat blog post, wish I had some fish cooked out in the desert.

  2. Hi Charlene -

    I love reading about your adventures and looking at the pictures. I'm not able to leave this area for long (a day or two at a time) but some day look forward to visiting those beautiful BLM lands.

    I was feeling "cabin fever" today but after reading your latest post, feel more relaxed now.

    Take care and I look forward to reading more! Happy New Year!


  3. FISH LOOKS AWSOME hope things are well for you

  4. Glad you made a new friend and are having a great time. Hope 2012 continues to be great for you.

  5. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. It sure would be nice if all of you could join Liz and I for fish in the desert. We had another wonderful day... I faceted a blue saphire today. Tomorrow I will facet a yellow crystal I found on the desert. I slipped once in using the "a" word... when mentioning someone about my deceased ex... but quickly got back on track. I laughed so hard today, I almost cried. Please have as much fun at wherever you are doing and wherever you are... as I am here.

  6. Loved the photos. Enjoy reading your blog. Happy New Year!!


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