Thursday, October 21, 2010

19th State–Massachusetts (Oct. 21, 2010)

Wow, what a pleasure.  I got to meet Kay (known as “Oldmapsne” or the gal in the red van with stars all over it).  She is a tad older than me, I’m not saying, but had no trouble at all keeping up with me in her little red kayak.  What fun.  Saw a beaver mound.  Had lunch on her deck.  And the house is a treasure trove of old maps, a genealogists paradise.

Note from Kay:

I live on ... and we kayaked on Secret Lake in Athol, Massachusetts! Such a nice day that was ... so glad you came by and made me get out on the water for the first time that year.



Photo by Kay.

Thought some of you might enjoy our dialog that day.

Dear Kay,
Thank you for a lovely evening last night and for the tasty dinner... and all the laughs.  It is truly a pleasure to meet my kind of crazy person, for a change.  I'm really glad you turned my luck around.   Hope we can paddle your little lake today.  What a great place you have here.


Good morning! It's fun to have you here ... makes me think I really am part of a society (vandwellers) I didn't even know existed a year ago!
I hope we don't freeze our butts off!


Your butt???   My butt sits in water!
You could wear my wet suit and I could wear my fishing wadders.


No wet suit for me ... too much work involved getting in to it! I've got a cushion, and I won't be sitting in water, just on a cold seat!
See you soon!


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Weather could not have been better.  I forgot the story of this boat… I’ll have to ask her again.  I think she built it herself?!

She sells old maps of the northeast online at .

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