Friday, January 13, 2012

Ghost Dancer arrived at the RTR today.

This morning I worked at the Rock Club as Foreman of the Lapidary Shop.  Had free breakfast and lunch at La Mesa RV, then returned to the Rock Club to play this afternoon.  Then headed up the hill to Dome Mountain where the Vandwellers are gathering.  And lo and behold, who shows up, but our very own "vandweller's founding father,” Ghost Dancer.  What a guy!  Folks were surprised and pleased.

Suanne made a wonderful stew for all of us.  The campfire was lovely until some decided to burn up a lot more wood than required.  That always ticks me off... as I think of how many meals I could make on the fuel burned up in one night.  So, I just leave so I don't have to sit around and be angry over the issue.

My friend Liz has folks helping her... by making her a bed for her van.  AstroBri is here.  VJ from VanIncidentals is here.  Lots of new people I haven't met before.  I don't know how many people are here, but I bet there are 30 or more vehicles.

The night is clear and not too cold.  I'll be able to leave my rear door open and watch the stars tonight.  I am hoping to spend more time with those who have come to the RTR, but my volunteer work for the Rock Club and helping to set up and tear down for the annual Pow Wow will have to come first.

One thing for sure that is making me feel great is all the folks that have rallied around me because of the slander a disgruntled vandweller (?) has been putting on the WWW, in spite of the fact I gave him a blanket when he was cold, camped with him the first two weeks he was here so he would not be alone, showed him all around town.  Shared my food with him and even let him sit in my van to eat when it was cold outside... in spite of the cigarette smoke saturating his clothing, and even polished his silver watch band which he almost seemed irritated at me that he had to walk to my van so I could hand it to him.  He didn't even look at it.  And because I told him I wasn't a one-woman welcoming committee for every vandweller who comes to town... he turned on me and began slandering me on the web.  BlogSpot won't do anything about it unless there is a lawsuit, he won't do anything about it though I asked politely four times, so I just have to live with it.   The folks who know me, know he is lying, and even those just meeting me have reassured me that the guy must have a mental problem.  So... trying to ignore it and move on. 

There is lots of fun to be had here and I'm going to just have me a bunch of it.  It doesn't get any better than this until tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Trip to Mexico

The American Flag flies over our border with Mexico. This is the line of people going back to the U.S.A. My first time to Mexico. Uneventful and very safe.

0111121620 (2)0111121621a

Was in line for maybe 1.5 hrs... and it only takes about 30 seconds to be checked by the guard at the check point in Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico.


It was a pretty place to wait, shaded, landscaped and benching all along the way. Interesting to watch the little street vendors sneaking into and behind the crowd... so take one last chance to sell you something. Policeman comes, someone shouts a warning from across the street... and they scatter.

0111121536 (2)

The line. Exhaust fumes from cars lined up next to us was really hard on me... and I hadn't thought to bring a mask. 

An interesting day, a $130 crown, and very good to be going "HOME" again.

0111120934 (2)

Espresso Stand in a courtyard by dentists' offices.

0111121033 (2)

The courtyard with fountains and birds flying in and out. Very nice.

0111121051b0111121051c0111121153a0111121256 (2)0111121256a0111121339 (2)0111121051 (2)0111121051a

Typical street scenes... more Americans and Canadians there then Mexicans. Actually, many of the Mexicans looked more like Columbians.


A lightening fast wire wrapper.... making people's names while they wait. Drew a big crowd.

0111121153 (2)

These two benches were for "shoe shiners." And price "whatever you want to pay!"

0111121414 (2)

An artistic trash can.

0111121536 (2)

Finally got my tooth fixed and got in line to cross back in the good ol' U.S.A. The guard in the street is carrying a gun????


Looking back on the day, I can’t see now why I was so nervous about going to Mexico.  The most concerning thing was the dog packs running the streets (no collars or tags).

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